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Kaunas City

Confluence of rivers Nemunas and Neris

Distance: 5 to 35 km

Duration: 1 day

Road: bicycle paths, asphalt

Difficulty: easy

Bike tour around Kaunas and its surroundings in various directions. Kaunas is an exuberant, very green and biker friendly city. You can conveniently ride across the center of the city: take the rout along Laisvės Avenue to the Old Town of Kaunas until you reach the confluence of the Nemunas and the Neris, and then ride back along the banks of the Nemunas River. You may also take a ride in Ąžuolynas Park and Panemunė Forest, or ride on the newly paved section of the biking route stretching for 5 km to Lampėdžiai and Kleboniškis and other green zones of the city. We also offer tours to Pažaislis Monastery, Kadagiai Valley and Girionys Parksituated at the outskirts of Kaunas City as well as many other places.