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Wine & Oil Shop

We want to invite you to the little but cozy wine and oil shop which is located in the hotel premises. We offer Spanish, French and Italian wines, also the Spanish olive oil “Olearum”. This oil is probably the best Extra Virgin (especially pure) olive oil in the world which is the result of careful growing, selection and production process of the kind of Arbequina olives. Arbequina olives are picked by hand at the most appropriate ripening time and pressure on the same day. It goes wonderful fruit flavor and aroma balance. You can buy this oil from us, so we are waiting for you all in wine – oil shop.

Here you can buy wines from Catalonia. This is one of the most important wine regions of Europe. There are 11 registered wine regions in this province. There are: Priorat, Mantsant, Tarragona, Conca de Barbera, Penedes, Catalunya and others. The names are reflected in the wine labels. Many wine production centres and small factories is admitted for visitors and talk pleasantly about their work. It is said, that the wine of Catalonia is the most delicious because the edge of climate grapes ripen best meet the necessary conditions. The vineyard of the mountain slopes is particularly valued.They must fight for survival, to concentrate all of his vital efforts to establish rocky ground,so the wine produced from them are thick and taste with lots of shades. In such areas the grapes are collected by hand.If the vines trees are old, they don’t have a lot of harvest, but the taste of fruit surpasses any modern wine grapes, where priority is given quickly and yield a lot of young vines granted. If you want to taste the wine of this region, please visit us at the address Raseiniu g. 25, Kaunas.

For detailed information call: +370 37 202545