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Forest (Birštonas, Žverinčius)


Distance: 15 km

Duration: 1 day

Road: bicycle paths, asphalt, forest trail

Difficulty: easy

The Žvėrinčius (or Žvėrynas) Forest is located at the river loops in Prienai District. The forest retained its former name which reminds of the royal hunts. This tour is a simple route designed for beginners which will captivate you with the beauty of the surrounding nature. The Velniabliūdis trail is a very interesting object of the Žvėrinčius route. As you ride along the trail, you can find out more about the plant communities prevailing in forests and swamps as well as their inherent fauna and flora. Velniabliūdis is the only swamp in the loop of the Nemunas River in Prienai. Also, you may visit the bird watching spot in the north east area of Žvėrinčius.